Commercial Property

Building Surveys

Specialist building surveys are needed in respect of offices, shops, factories, warehouses and other commercial buildings where experience in dealing with the particular requirements of these types of property and knowledge of the variety of construction used are essential. 

Commercial buildings have their own peculiarities and problems.  Many differing building techniques are encountered and it is necessary for the surveyor to understand these and any performance or maintenance problems.

If the property is to be held under a lease and the survey reveals significant defects or maintenance liabilities, the repairing obligations of the lease could prove to be very onerous.  It may be advisable for there to be a schedule of condition prepared and attached to the lease to reduce these obligations.

Paul Grundy Surveying can provide all advice necessary to enable full and proper consideration to be given before a proposed acquisition is finalised.

Planned Maintenance

Planned maintenance provides a cost effective means of protecting the physical condition and capital value of a building.

A large unexpected repair bill can play havoc with an otherwise carefully prepared cashflow forecast. The preparation of a planned maintenance programme will identify those areas of major repair or renewal which will arise in the life of the building and indicate the time at which they will become necessary. This enables detailed forward planning and the spreading of maintenance costs evenly over the term of occupancy.

Schedules of Dilapidation and Condition

A Schedule of Condition is an important document as it governs the extent of the work required of the tenant at the expiry of the lease. If it is proposed to take a lease on a commercial building which is in poor condition, it would be advisable to negotiate for a Schedule setting out the current condition of the building to be appended to the lease.

The law of dilapidations is a complex and shifting field. The correct serving of a Schedule of Dilapidations setting out the repairs required of the tenant to bring the property into the condition required by the lease, can have a considerable effect on the value of a property at the end of a leasehold term and can also prevent abuse and neglect of the property during the term. For the tenant it is important to ensure that a Schedule served by the landlord is fair and reasonable under the terms of the lease.

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