Given the capital investment represented by property in all its forms, it is not surprising that disputes and legal problems arise form time to time. Advice from an experienced Chartered Surveyor as well as a Legal Advisor will often be required to resolve such matters. Paul Grundy Surveying have dealt with numerous County and High Court cases.

The careful handling of an insurance claim is essential to protect the interests of the owner and to restore the property to its former condition. Having worked for both Insurers and Insured, Paul Grundy Surveying have a clear understanding of the issues involved.

Building Disputes

Building projects can prove troublesome and disputes can sometimes arise between a property owner or occupier and building contractor.  In our experience this occurs most often where no adequate specification or contract for the works exists.

Paul Grundy Surveying are able to advise either party, preparing reports upon the work carried out, giving expert opinion upon the matters in dispute and where necessary acting as an Expert Witness in Court to assist the client in a legal action.

Boundary disputes

Boundary Disputes

We live in a crowded land and therefore disputes over the ownership of land are not surprising.  Sometimes the loss of a parcel of land can have a significant effect upon the value of the property.

Following site inspection and the taking of necessary measurements, the surveyor must assemble all evidence available, both current and historical, to assess the correct position of the boundary.  This will enable him to prepare his report and expert opinion on the matters in dispute.  Hopefully this will enable a settlement to be reached with the other party and Paul Grundy Surveying are able assist with negotiations if required.  Where necessary, we can appear as Expert Witness in court to assist the client in a legal action.

Professional Negligence

Professionals are as fallible as anyone and mistakes can sometimes occur. Equally clients may expect more of their professional advisor than he or she can reasonably be required to provide. It is very important the dispute is carefully considered by an expert with in-depth knowledge of the relevant issues and who possesses sufficient experience and expertise.

Paul Grundy Surveying has many years of experience in the surveying field enabling us to provide expert advice to both claimants and defendants. Expert reports are provided for use in courts and tribunals including Single Joint Expert reports.

Insurance claims

Insurance Claims

When disaster strikes in the form of subsidence, fire, flooding or other insured risk, efficient and accurate response to the circumstances will minimise delays in the reinstatement of the property.  Professional advice can ensure that a claim is properly dealt with and the damaged building correctly reinstated.

Paul Grundy Surveying are experienced in dealing with loss adjusters appointed by the insurers, specifying the remedial work required, appointing contractors and managing the reinstatement of the building. Paul Grundy FRICS is a member of the RICS Expert Witness Scheme and the Expert Witness Institute.

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